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APNA portfolio

Custom Design BPM (Business Process Management) System

There are many different types of software products that deal with the management of business processes in an organization. The objective of a BPM system is to help companies increase their productivity and their effectiveness via better work flow processes. However, these products are typically very complex and require intensive training. In addition, many of these products adopt processes that may not be completely applicable to a specific organization.

Our approach is very simple. . We feel that every organization deserves a custom design BPM tool because we believe that customers fully understand what is best for their organizations. Below is a list of examples of BPM systems for sales, marketing, human resources and task management. Contact us to learn how we can help you grow your business via a custom design BPM system.

Sales and Marketing

We have developed a comprehensive CRM system (BRMS) for Sales and Marketing applications. The system enables the company staff to document their business or transactional relationships with their clients from various companies. In addition, there are financial metrics and a dashboard within the system which allow management executives to set targets and measure results in a timely, efficient, and productive manner.

APNA portfolio

APNA portfolio
Tasks Management

We have developed a user-friendly Task/Project Management System (TMS) for managing the projects. In contrast to other types of project management software, which requires significant amount of training and usage experience, the software is extremely easy to use and allows full participation of all team members. The software enables management, managers and staff to document their progress and completion of their tasks. There are three different categories of tasks, namely High, Medium and Low Priorities. In addition, the software has three tiers of authorization levels. These tasks can be reprioritized or reassigned by individuals depending on their levels of authorization. There are also metrics that measure the time delivery of the projects.

APNA portfolio
Human Resources

We can custom design a software management tool for the human resources department. The objective is to track the career development of the organizational staff and encourage employees to demonstrate their full potentials. The software also has a set of metrics that measure the performance of each individual.