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APNA software , APNA database, APNA website .

A technology and marketing company with the state of the art IT technology and marketing experience

You will want to partner with us because we understand your domestic and overseas customers. In addition, we can provide you with technological and marketing solutions that are unparalleled to what you have seen in the industry and at a fraction of the cost.

Our IT professional staff has experience in graphic design, animation, database development (Oracle, SQL, Firebird, Access, FoxPro) and various types of programming languages (Objective-C,C, C++, C#, Java, ASP, PHP, Visual Basic). Moreover, we also provide in-house hosting services to our clients.

Custom Design Software, Database and 3D Computer Graphics

We excel at developing custom software and database that help companies increase productivity, improve operational efficiencies, reduce product development time and reduce cost. Some of our examples include Business Process Management (BPM) software for task management, sales/marketing management and human resources application,  Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for retail and health care/medical clinics. Other types of application software include 3D Computer Graphics for visualization of final products, advertising and marketing of new products.


IT strategy that drives your company growth proportionately from new customers as well as existing customers

There has been various research about analyzing the cost or returns of investment in acquiring new customers versus retaining existing customers. Although the research varies greatly, some studies indicate that the cost of selling to new customers can be ten times as great or more compared to selling to existing customers.

To satisfy both your needs with new and existing customers, our customized IT solutions and marketing experience can help your company create an effective means to attract new customers and retain existing customers. This solution is achieved via our professional custom design web pages and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database. We have experience in developing customized CRM applications in the medical, retail, consumer and industrial segments.


Best value, multi-lingual, highly-animated web designs that wow your customers and are highly visible in different search engines

The future of marketing is borderless and the source of the growth of any company can come from any ethnic cultural segment or any corner of the world. Our main strength lies in our experience and presence in the United States. We have developed web design solutions that continually exceed the expectations of our domestic and overseas customers.

Our customized web design can easily be differentiated from our competition due to our relentless focus on understanding our customers, attention to detail and eye-catching animation. Moreover, we can provide web analytics and search engine optimization to improve the visibility of your website.